Wedding at Port Lympne Mansion – Hannah + Alex

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Alex and Hannah’s summer wedding at Port Lympne Mansions was just so colourful, it was an amazingly vibrant affair, on one of the hottest days of the year in early August.

Lympne Mansion is a luxurious and opulent wedding venue; if you’re looking for somewhere thats very stylish and a bit different, this is it. Port Lympne Hotel is situated amidst one the UK’s largest wild animal parks – Port Lympne Reserve.

Alex got ready with his groomsmen at Bear Lodge which has views over the animal paddocks and the Kent Coastline, while Hannah enjoyed her bridal preparations in one of the Mansion Guest rooms, overlooking the glorious grounds and beyond.

As the weather was so glorious, their ceremony was able to take place outside on the Iceberg Terrace, which looks down onto Lime Tree Walk and across to the Trojan Steps.

Guests were able to relax outside in the wonderful warm weather on the terraces which have fantastic views towards Romney Marsh and the English Channel.

There is so much scope for couple portraits at this stunning venue. The hardest part was deciding on the priority locations, and we really did make the most of the time we had!

The wedding breakfast and evening reception was held in the Aspinell Suite, perfect for larger wedding parties. We loved the styling and attention to detail, there were so many beautiful, personal touches that really made it special.

Our coverage of the day ended with Hannah and Alex and their guests dancing the night away to a fantastic live band.

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