Karl + Suzanne’s Autumn Wedding at Hayne Barn House, Saltwood, Kent

hayne barn house wedding

Hayne Barn House Wedding Photography, Saltwood, Hythe, Kent

Karl and Suzanne’s October wedding at Hayne Barn House in Saltwood, Hythe was a lot of fun! Both wanted the day to be informal and laid back, and whatever the weather was going to throw at them, it wasn’t going to put a dampner on their day. As it happened, the weather was relatively kind, and although the sun didn’t shine, it didn’t rain, and it wasn’t that cold, so a good deal of time was spent outside, enjoying the lovely gardens.

The highlight of the day was the singing waiters who were a complete surprise for the guests and soon had everyone on the feet, waving napkins and generally having a great time!

Harry Kilb, professional wedding DJ and Party Host,  provided a great service as ever, as did Touchay’s catering – always delicious food.

As a preferred supplier at Hayne Barn House, we’re always delighted to shoot weddings there; the team are fantastic and work tirelessly to make sure everything runs like clockwork on the day, and the place just has a lovely relaxed feel about it.  Hayne Barn House is set in beautiful grounds, and offers a large marquee and a lovely old house, both of which can be styled any way you wish. The house and the gardens are offered exclusively for the day, providing a very private, intimate venue.






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