James + Toni’s wedding at Elmley Nature Reserve

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 Wedding Photography at Emley Nature Reserve, Sheerness, Kent

This was a wedding we had really been looking forward to as not only are Toni and James exceptionally lovely people, but  they had chosen a venue that was new to us, and right up our street.

We’d had a lovely enagagement shoot back in the Spring with Toni and James, in an orchard in Bekesbourne, amongst the blossom, and having heard all about their chosen venue, Elmley nature Reserve –  we couldn’t wait to visit it. And we were not disappointed – its a stunning nature reserve consisting of 3000 acres of fresh water grazing marsh reserve, as well as being home to around 700 grazing cattle.

Emley Nature Reserve is approached via a 3 km access road, and driving along it, its all big skies and wide open vistas; you immediately feel like you’re somewhere completely different. The huge Kentish Barn with enormous windows overlooking the reserve is a fantastic blank canvas for couples looking to create a wedding totally unique to them. The views are simply breathtaking, and the options for wedding photographs are endless.  In addition, there are three luxurious Shepherds Huts to stay in, all with stunning views.

I started the day photographing Toni and her bridal party getting ready at her parent’s home, whilst Kevin caught up with James and his groomsmen at the venue, capturing the boys final preparations.  The ceremony and the rest of the celebrations all took place at Elmley Nature Reserve. The big group shot was great fun as we were lucky enough to have access to a scaffolding tower, and so Kevin braved the heights, capturing the stunning views across the marsh reserve.



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